Falon Alo

Executive Director

Falon received her Masters of Social Work from the Monmouth University School of Social Work with a concentration in International and Community Development. Falon began her career in disaster recovery with the American Red Cross after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey in October 2012. Falon and her husband Vincent founded HHDR in an effort to address remaining unmet needs in New Jersey that had been caused by Hurricane Sandy. Falon spent 4 years running HHDR in New Jersey on the Sandy recovery and is now responding to the October 2015 Flood in South Carolina and Hurricane Matthew in Florida. Falon continues to run the operations and manage the various deployments of HHDR across multiple states. Falon and her husband Vinny live in Clermont, FL with their two Bloodhounds Krypto & Knight who are currently in training to become certified in Urban Search and Rescue dogs for HHDR.