Hearts & Hands Disaster Recovery provides disaster-impacted communities with innovative programs to address the unmet needs of residents.


Disaster Case Management

Disaster Case Management (DCM) is a partnership between a provider agency such as HHDR and the client who together develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. HHDR works in partnership with all Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and Long Term Recovery Groups statewide to provide the most comprehensive services possible to our clients. Disaster Case Managers help clients identify resources within their communities to address their storm-related unmet needs. HHDR is currently offering DCM services in the 24 disaster declared counties in South Carolina that were impacted by the October 2015 Flood. To request Disaster Case Management services in Florida please call us at 407-922-0874.

Mold Remediation  

Hearts & Hands Disaster Recovery offers certified mold remediation free of charge to clients impacted by natural disasters in areas we have deployed to. Mold remediation is completed by highly-skilled volunteers and is the necessary first step to rebuilding after a major flood event. If you are interested in becoming an HHDR Volunteer please click here. For more information regarding this program or to request assistance with mold remediation please Contact Us.

Operation Headed Home

Hearts & Hands Disaster Recovery offers clients impacted by natural disasters assistance with rebuilding their homes. This program involves the coordination of internal resources along with a cooperative approach to home repairs through our partnerships with local Long Term Recovery Groups in each county we serve and other Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster or VOADs. HHDR may provide some of the funding needed to complete home repairs, we may coordinate volunteers to do the work, and/or assist with the construction of a new stick-built or modular home with one of our construction partners. All residents in need of assistance must be assigned to a Disaster Case Manager to apply for this program. To complete an intake with a Disaster Case Manager please call us at 407-922-0874.

Current Deployments

Louisianna – Hurricanes Laura & Delta 2020
Florida – Hurricane Sally 2020

Past Deployments

Florida – Hurricane Michael 2018
Florida – Hurricane Irma 2017
Florida – Hurricane Matthew 2016
South Carolina October 2015 Flood Recovery

Hearts & Hands Disaster Recovery provided long term disaster recovery assistance to residents across the 24 Presidentially declared disaster-impacted counties that were impacted by the flood. Over a two-year period, HHDR served over 5,000 households with Disaster Case Management, temporary housing assistance, home repairs, and mold remediation. For a full description of services provided please take a look at our Final Report for this disaster. For more information about this program please visit the Contact Us page.

HHDR SC-DCMP Final Report DR-4241

New Jersey – Superstorm Sandy 2012